The third wave of Covid-19 is back again and it’s a scary time right now.

Most people have been thinking about when would this lockdown end and again they will return to their normal life.

For many people, this lockdown time period has given us more time on our hands to do some productive things. This free time presents us with more opportunities to do things which we always wanted to do but could not do. So here we have listed 9 productive things to do during the lockdown.

1. Take Free Online Course To Learn Things You Are Passionate About

As we know due to this pandemic our education sector is highly affected. If you are a student, you might have to study through an online class. And in some online classes, you might be feeling bored. So there is anything you want to study that you are fully passionate about? If yes, then this lockdown might be the golden time for you to study. You can get enrolled in online courses related to your passion.

There are so many websites that provide online courses and are completely free or requires some minimal fees.

You can learn what you wanted to and also earn a certificate that will help you build your knowledge as well as your CV.

2. Spend Quality Time With Your Family

In this 21st century, everyone is running toward their work so there is no special time for their parents. But due to this lockdown, you got a lot of time to spend. Lockdown is the best opportunity for you to spend some great time with your family.

Spend your time talking and laughing with your loved ones. Play various games with your parents and little ones.

This might be the best time to create some precious moment with your family member that you will cherish for a lifetime.

3.         Learn To Cook

Food can make everyone happy. During stressful times there is nothing better than healthy and tasty homemade food. If you are one who doesn’t have any idea how to cook, then this will be the precious time for you to learn to cook different dishes.

You can take over your kitchen during the lockdown and prepare various tasty cuisines and snacks for you and your loved ones at your home.

4.   Decorate your space

Are you thinking to give your space a makeover but never had the time to do so? Here is the time you had been waiting for. Decorate your space by styling it up how you’ve always wanted it.

You can start by collecting Pinterest ideas and watch different room and space makeover videos to decorate space in your home.

Throw away the old things that you have used for many years and you don't need those things right now. You can rearrange your furniture paint your walls if you want to give your room a new look.

5. Earn Some Money Online

Although times are tough to go for the regular job there are still ways to earn some side income at a more flexible schedule at your home.

There is a lot of websites which support freelancer so you can start doing freelancing and earn money at your home.

6. Learn a New Language

How many times have you said that you want to learn a new language but don't have time to learn it? Might be many times over the years.

Now it is the best opportunity for you to utilize this time to study IELTS or Korean or Chinese or any languages you want to.

You can fully utilize this lockdown time learning any language using free apps or you can join some online classes that teach you the language you want to learn.

7. Exercise

Might be you are missing the gym due to lockdown? Let me tell you working out at home can be more fun. Doing regular exercise helps to benefit you develop your confidence and self-esteem.

You can try a different type of workouts that will be beneficial for your mind and body both. Meditation can help to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and also will boost your mood.

You can make a daily habit of closing your eyes for a few minutes and breathe in and out. You will feel relaxed.

8.  Explore your creative side

This lockdown gives you time on your hands you can utilize in your own way. It’s a perfect time to start exploring your creative ideas, whether it's photography music baking or any other.

Doing creative things, you always want to do helps to reduce stress during this pandemic.

9.  Read A Book Or Listen To a Podcast

An increasing number of covid cases might increase your stressed level so turn off the news for a bit and indulge yourself in a good book or listing to music. What better way to get things out of your mind than, lose yourself in a book or in music? Read your favorite old book or a new one and if you don’t have a book then E-book is the best option.

Wrapping Up

This lockdown has shown many of us that we have a lot of potentials that seem to be hidden by our daily routines and social distractions. In this article, we have listed 9 productive things that you can do during a lockdown period and make your lockdown time more productive.